Liquid Mask


1% iodine Nasal Spray

100% Effective

Iodine (as PVPI - polyvinylpyrrolidone-iodine (aka Betadine)) is used daily in EVERY operating theatre, EVERY surgery, EVERY SSI - surgical site infection.


Why is iodine THE critical core element of thyroid hormones - the hormones that RUN the human body (and all birds, insects and all mammals on earth and in the oceans)?


As Prof. Jeffrey Tarrand says (he's Chief of Pathology at MD Anderson): "Iodine is a required elemental nutrient with a well-established safety profile. Although iodine is typically thought of in the context of thyroid disease, it has well-established activity in cancer prevention and supports effective intrinsic immunity. It is not a coincidence that the Japanese, who consume 2000 to 3000 ug of iodine per day on average, have a 30-to-60-fold lower rate of COVID-19 related deaths."

Iodine has been with us from the beginning - the very beginning of life on earth. As the heaviest element in the human body, it is woven into our evolutionary history. It is the OLDEST and the most POWERFUL anti-oxidant. It's a universally accepted antimicrobial, with ZERO anti-microbial resistance. It's effective. More effective than any other "drug" we have.

PRICE DETAILS (Pack of 20 Liquid Mask Spray Bottles)

Liquid Mask

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